Just thought of an AMAZING Blender feature idea!

I think this idea could really take off and would get great feedback from the community. Its not a game changer but just a really nice feature that other 3D software does not yet have so it would be a Blender first.

The Idea;
Magnifying glass. Similar to windows accessibility magnifier, Blender should have a hotkey that whilst you’re holding down that key on the keyboard (or mouse if you assign it) a nicely rendered round magnifying glass appears under the cursor, think of it as windows magnifier but on steroids and not annoying… Maybe it could be a nice pre-rendered magnifying glass, maybe it could utilize eevee or have real time refraction around the edges of the lenses, and maybe it can use a better computation method than windows magnifier (which is already pretty good i’m not sure what kind of interpolation or magnifying method it uses)… Heck maybe the Blender magnifier could even use AI upscaling, since its a very small screen area it might manage it in realtime.

The problem its solving. When you want to see an area of your 3D model really close up but don’t want to have to put your nose to the monitor. Or when you want to see close up how a real time rendered material is looking when you are in cycles preview viewports, or just in general if you have bad eyesight and interface scaling is not enough and you don’t like the clunkiness and bad design of windows magnifier. It would also bypass the need to zoom in and out when in camera view, losing your settings.


Zbrush has that since forever… :wink:


heh :slight_smile: well what do ya know. Yea i made the silly assumption that just because i thought up the idea myself that no other software developer has ever implemented it.
Still its good to see Zbrush thought it was worth having.

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This would be super-useful when in the node editor.


I know that it isn’t the same but you can go into Ease of Access in windows and start the Magnifier in Docked Mode…
Works…a little draggy …but serviceable till an add-on or changes in Blender come around.

I might be speaking too fast… but that seems doable even in an add-on, but it will be like Z-Brush, you scale up the render, you don’t add resolution to it.

The only problem is that the BGL API is being revamped in 2.91 and 2.92, so it might be better to wait a bit. But it’s doesn’t seem that hard to do…

I don’t get it, what’s wrong with zomming in and out with the mouse wheel?
Maybe it’s one of these features that seems kind of pointless at first glance, and once you’ve tried you can’t get enough of it. Interested in testing it anyway.

if you’re in camera view and you have a cycles render preview going on for example. And you dont want to actually zoom in you just want a closer look at what the shader is doing, magnifying the pixels like windows magnifier would. I agree i think it needs to be tried to see if it takes off.


Yup, I think it makes sense especially with 4K resolution screens, when pixels are so small…


DEFINITELY. My life has been improved tenfold since I got this 1440p ultrawide but it does make minute details a lot harder to control. I’d love to have something like this.

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Max has 2D Zoom mode in viewport since years ago.