Just tried a sword

Hi, I have just tried to make a sword. Please comment…


The blade looks good. Don’t like the hilt. Its too circular. The handle seems too smooth to get a grip on.

maybe u should work on the proportions
i think the hilt is much too long so it looks more like a very big dagger

just my 2 cents

Changed the handle a bit…

Hmmm… I like the idea of the first one better the way the handle went. but I think the jewls on this one are way cooler. I would try having a bit of a gold gaurd where the top of that jewl is, then I would have a larger gaurd where the jewl starts.

I like the idea of the guard. I will try to incorporate that. Thanks. :smiley:

i like the handle on the second one but the jewels on the first i think the big jewel at the top is too exagerated on the second one but the handle of the first on looks too smooth if you mixed the two concepts it would be great :wink:

Here’s something I have tried…

Yea, look better

Maybe make blade a bit narow near that handle.

Yeah that looks great :smiley: .

yes thats what im talking about…great looking handle and not a huge unrealistic looking jewel at the top…greatl ooking sword right there

alot better however fairly unpracticle because the blade is shaped like a triangle it should narrow it at the bottem

Thanx for ur appreciation. I think I am finished with modelling. I would like to make some worthy scene for it now. The sword is supposed to be broader at the bottom so as to make the wound wider. :smiley:

Good god I wouldn’t want to carry that sword! :wink: You’d tear yourself up on all those points at the bottom of the hilt. Looks really cool though!