Just upgraded to 2.71 and now I'm having weird render problems...

So when I was running Blender 2.69, I was having no problems rendering in cycles with my GPU, it’s a Nvidia 770. Now that I’ve switched over to 2.71, the object I’m rendering is turning out very strange.

The upper left is what it looks like from 2.69 and when I render in 2.71 in CPU mode. Everything else is what it looks like in 2.71. The ball, for instance, disappears in cycles at 50 samples leaving only the star and the preview looks completely different.

Anyone have any ideas?

Can you upload a blend file? could be a bug if it is not the same between cpu / gpu renders.

I think that’ll work? I don’t know of the best way to transfer files like this.

Someone else on Reddit suggested I append/link the object in a new file and that kinda fixed it? But only in the preview render. When I hit the render button, the ball disappears completely. I’m wondering if something about the ball mesh/material is malformed or corrupted.

Looks like some kind of change in the IOR has occurred?

You can report it as a bug.

Is this intentional that Star normals point inwards?

I confirm that the preview render is different between GPU (GTX 580) and CPU. The ball disappears in render too with GPU. Strange.