Just use blend to make your add-ons

Please read the following. Believe me, this is a blender revolution~

What do you do when blender doesn’t have the features you want (such as car system, transportation system, forest system etc.)?

You will find a way to develop a plug-in, but in fact, for some non tool plug-ins, such as lighting adjustment, binding, or materials, modifiers. We can all use the built-in drive to solve it.

However, as you can see, the current features do not meet our needs for drive management (such as sorting, sorting, etc.)

So my friends and I improved it

Now you can make the most of your imagination, just remember to tell the panel which parameters you want to present to the user. In other words, the panel itself does not determine the function. The real function is your blend file.
This means the beginning of a new era. Using this plug-in blender will have a new feature more than any 3D software I know at present, that is, blend file, which is not only a project, but also a module (like mouse, keyboard, VR helmet)


Here, let me give you a simple example: the progress of lighting

As shown in the figure below, in fact, what we and cangjing are facing is a more complex lighting environment.All we can do is adjust it one by oneThis will undoubtedly cause great trouble and affect your work mood

So at this time, you will use plug-ins. However, you will soon find that the functions of traditional plug-ins come from the programming logic, which means that you cannot modify things other than functions. If you want to do so, then there will be back to the beginning of a modified situation.

Obviously, we need a more humane approach. The traditional plug-in forced control function is transformed into reading function.

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As shown in the above figure, I did not write the code related to the lighting system in the plug-in. I just finished the function of reading attribute parameters. This means that you can use this plug-in to do anything you want (except for tool functions)!

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Here are its functions

  1. Read the custom attribute under the object attribute, classify and sort it, and present it on the plug-in panel at the same time
  2. Asset management: load the world environment of the asset or asset separately or at the same time, and read the parameters of the world environment’s parameter node group

    3 read object material and light material (cycles only), light color through RGB node
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4It can automatically assemble the objects in the assembly

5 preset storage of panel custom attribute parameters

6 one click to switch the mapping, projection and boundary attributes of all image textures in the material

7 completely remove the currently selected material

8 switch magic cameras in order

9 function combination of different modules
Now, with my plug-in, you can get the chance to change the world.

I’m looking forward to more people enjoying this plug-in in the future (I want to dedicate this plug-in to blender official, but I can’t find a way), and you don’t need to worry about it, because it will always be free

Even when you sell your assets, you can attach this plug-in (for signature, please see license. Txt)

Or you can do some tutorials around this plug-in. It’s all free!

I hope this is a great cause to make the whole blender stronger!

My ability is limited. I hope someone will make a wonderful system in the future!

Forest system, traffic system, various lighting systems, if you want, you can try to combine them with animation nodes

In a word, I will try my best to read the parameters, so that you can do as you like!

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Download (free):https://gumroad.com/yorha4d
Online documents:https://shimo.im/docs/qjXWwYkGKccgXVgd/
Offline documents:https://drive.google.com/file/d/16tWzu9Bsj5LQIrj-WLx1qEpRx0knnIm7/view?usp=sharing



This addon indeed seems to be quite “revolutionary”. . . but in all honesty I did not understand exactly its usefulness, its purpose, its way of functioning … :thinking:

I, of course, test the DEMO file delivered with it. . . but unfortunately I think that currently the lack of documentation, despite the few GIF images, hinders its correct use.

Of course, take this on the positive side :+1:. . . because I am sure, that over the days, months … your addon will improve.

For a better visualization of your addon, it might be better to place this post in the section [Released Scripts and Themes]

I can understand that because I am writing a document now. Its purpose is to let the plug-in function be determined by blend

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We don’t need to write special plug-ins for some functions (such as loading light presets). Now you just need to make a blend file~

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I believe that a practical demo would be useful.

For example - replacing some well-known addon like “three point light” with the proposed approach.

Yes, it’s the same as I thought. At least we can make a lot of lights and camera presets. (if we can think a little further, we may be able to combine simulation and materials to make some distribution systems.)

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What I mean is that a particular demo, like a youtube tutorial, could make it clear how to use your approach.

Thank you for your advice. I have been working for these things. In fact, my English is not very good. So it may take more time.
First of all, my main solution now is to tell the user how to project parameters to the panel and how to use the auto assembly function
In this way, there is no problem in making some lighting systems or binding systems

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After working overtime for one night, I finished the preliminary writing of the document.
I hope it works for you. Please let me know if you have any questions.
(Note: I’m not sure that online documents can be opened smoothly outside my country. Can you tell me how you feel?)
Online documents:https://shimo.im/docs/qjXWwYkGKccgXVgd/
Offline documents:https://drive.google.com/file/d/16tWzu9Bsj5LQIrj-WLx1qEpRx0knnIm7/view?usp=sharing

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For me, the two links open perfectly.
For the Online link, reading is fluid … :+1:


Thank you for this effort concerning this documentation, even if I would have preferred to have two separate documentation. . . one in English and the other in Chinese (but it’s just a small detail …) :smile:

Ha ha, I’ll consider your suggestion. Does this document help you understand the meaning of the blend file as a add-on?

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Yes I agree with FreeAccess : make a english blend file with an example scene to download by everyone.
An example is better as a long speech…
BUT your idea is wonderfull to make a better UI for Blender2.82+
Indeed on a great project, it’s better to have under the hand all usefull custom features of the scene well stacked!
I follow your work now…Congratulations and good Luck!

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Thank you for your reply. I have given a blend file and several small files integrated in the plug-in. In fact, my video is just a promotional video. Give me some time. I’ll go back and make a tutorial

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well… though this might be amazing it’s just useless for… say… 3/4 of the planet :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to speak french and write french, coz am french :wink:

But speaking and writing for beeing understood by almost nobody has no interrest.
When you come in a community, the least is to speak ( or try, just like i do, even if my english is shitty ) the native language.
You do it here indeed but when you give links with… errr… ( no offends ) japanese ? chinese ? well, asian letters… am sorry i flee and i guess am not the only one :stuck_out_tongue:

That said… you seem to have a great idea at making the addon-making easier !!!
And it sincerely would be an awesome advance in unity !
Please may i explain my experience ?
I’m an ( quite old ) coder. I started with assembly then C, C++, C#, then java and many other languages…
I use both unity3D and blender.
Making addons for unity is heaven !!! and the only limit is your imagination.
Making addons for blender is just a pain !!! and my limit is my lack of voodoo knowledge.

I humbly think a tool can say beeing evolutive when users have a solid documentation for writing code with the API.
Have a peek at the U3D scripting doc. It’s simply frightenning !
each class, member, method is deeply documented.

I had a peek at blender’s API… It’s just a list of funcs with 2 words on
obfuscated things…
imho blender’s API is simply undocumented.

This is one of the main reason why i don’t ( and probably will never ) write code for blender and use bge and other things that need API digging.

I’m just a blender user, ashamed of beeing not able to make it grow.

Doc and examples are the key. and though i didn’t catch all your work yet, this sounds nice to me :slight_smile:
Of course no tool have YOUR button : “make my awesome scene” but beeing able to write code towards this is just a damn forward lip ^^

following you @yorha_4D

regards and happy blending !

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Thank you for your reply. I have found this problem
Because now this plug-in can be used to implement various functions, so I sometimes don’t know where to start (just like introducing the purpose of computer)
As a user, you only need to understand two things: 1. Mark your custom property 2. Learn how to use auto assembly. I hope this will help you (see the document).
(I will try to make a set of tutorials to show everyone how to use this plug-in)
(to introduce myself, my name is Cui Xiao. I come from China and occasionally make some Chinese blender tutorials: https://space.bilibili.com/35723238)