Just wait until I get out!

This is the very first image I have ever posted on the internet that I have created in Blender! (Besides logos and signatures, etc…)

I am no @ndy, but I personally think it may be my best work ever. C&C are VERY welcome.


Btw, it is kind of a quick image. I was just determind to post something tonight. It is late, and so I didn’t spend hours tweaking little things.

Made and rendered completely with Blender 2.35 (save the eye texture, which was created with The Gimp). He took about 1:30 hours including rendering time

Nice I like it :smiley: but think the eye could be a little better, not so detailed as it is now, but thats just me :smiley: keep up the good work

Thanks! I didn’t quite like the eye either, but I didn’t want to figure out what was wrong and finish it. I think it must be that I am too lazy! (or too tired). :smiley:

it´s strange concept, but it´s nice.
work on the artistic…i mean…I think you really want to say something with that.

Whats going to happen when he gets out? He looks like wuss.