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why was the zach’s crying topic locked?

Why don’t you read it, that might help answer your question.

Try reading it. %|

I guess too many peoples thoughts conflicted and people started flaming each other. By the way guy’s, I no way did I ever state that I hate gay’s or have anything agiast them, I love all types of people. Jesus loves and thats what I too do. I have some friends that did ideed ingage in sexual activity, then became a Christian and went striaght. I also have friends that aren’t stiaght that are great people, love others a lot. My parents raised me better than to judge people cause of skin color, money, religion or sexuality. I don’t know why when a Christian has an opinion it gets slammed.

You want to know why you got slammed? Not because you’re a Christian, but because you blurt out offensive psychobabble such as:

Whats wrong with homosexuality? Lets take a non-biblical logical view point. Marrige two bodies coming together as one body to create life. With a man and a woman this works, with same sexes this does not, it actually causes the opposite, anal bleeding HIV and other physical problems. Do you see my point? I don’t see anything good that has come from homosexuality.

First of all, you assert anextremely contestable definition of marriage as a main establishment of your points. Who said that? It’s different in every culture, to every person in at least minor aspects. Marriage in a legal sense defines mutual ownership of property, tax law, and rights to determine care, access and placement of a spouse (this is extremely important since some gay partners are denied access to their partner by family members upon an illness, and cannot stop them from “pulling the plug” if a situation such as that were to arise). That’s all. Custody of children is mutual unless disputes arise whether there is a marriage or not. The concern for children is entirely outside the bounds of legal consideration and entirely inside the bounds of religious consideration, which is my legal basis for gay marriage to not be opposed.

Second of all you state that homosexuality spreads HIV. That’s pure idiocy as a case against it because HIV is spread by sexual contact between any gender combination. Why do you mention that? Dumb stereotypes.

Anal bleeding? Please. A very large amount of Christians participate in anal sex, and in my area particularly it’s for some reason considered a way to avoid “losing” virginity and a lot of girls do it to avoid leaving evidence of that loss. If done properly and with care it shouldn’t cause bleeding by any account I’ve ever read or heard, though I wouldn’t know from personal experience. Would you? Do you think people would persistantly do it if it caused bleeding every time?

You say you don’t see anything good coming from homosexuality right alongside the points you make about having friends who are homosexuals and great people.

So, in summation, no I don’t see your point.

It was locked by request of the thread author. Seeing as I’ve answered the question, and because the original thread has been closed, there’s no reason to beat a dead horse.

Topic locked.