Just wanted to introduce myself

Hi, all.

Despite being registered here for 2 years, I have remained a lurker. That said, I want to change all of that in 2018. Wit that in mind, I just wanted to introduce myself.

My name is Rob Santa. Yes. That IS my real name. :slight_smile: For those of you old enough to remember, my name might ring a bell as I’ve previously moderated sites like CG Chat and GameArtisans under the nick cookepuss.

I’m 43 and have been doing CG since I was about 15, since 1989. In that time, I’ve used countless apps, written a few dozen product reviews, and have done everything from archvis to game art. I’m currently at my own gamedev startup and using Blender as my primary 3D app.

With any luck, I hope to pull back the curtain and give y’all a sneak peek of my in-production game “CODA” in the coming months.

Thanks for having me here ladies and gents.


Hi Rob. Welcome to blender artists.