just what the..?

I was making a texture mixmap for my ground plane. The UV image looked something like this:

next to the UV Editor viewport was a 3D one, with Texture Paint Mode and the same black-and-white thingy sticked on the ground plane(a circle, actually, and with hills and things).
Then, I had to go to my friend’s, so I pressed Sleep button. Or Standby or whatever you call it when the computer partially switches off, when you power it again it has all the windows and stuff open.
Well, when I came back and hit the Power button, Blender popped up and the 3D window showed me…

Is this normal? How can I make things be what they were before? Or have there been things like that before, if, then could you show me a thread?

standby/sleep can cause problems with hardware acceleration. If you just save the blender file, then restart blender, the problem should go away.

Hahaha, that looks too funny! :smiley:

Try to sell it to an art gallery. :wink:

turns out that the problem is not random - every time i sleep while texture painting Blender lets fantasy fly. The result is random every time, though. The problem can be cured very easily - jut switch to Object mode and back. It doesn’t affect the render either.
What do you think, should I post a link to the “blender tests” sticky? Or is it too little of a Blender problem, just the crappy graphics card or something like that?

most 3d app ( especially OGL on ati?) probably has the same problem. something just doesn’t work well with sleep. It’s not a blender bug. it’s a security feature that let’s you know when your computer was in standby :smiley: