Just wondering

Why cant I right click and copy, paste, or any of that. Just wondering.


in the post text box?
[what os and browser? which post box?]

In the quick reply box and in advanced mode. I am on Firefox, and windows xp and I am on Vbulletin forums all the time and have never had a problem with it.

I have also noticed that sometime I cannot type in the quick reply box and must go advanced.

Try switching editor modes.

In IE and Firefox vbulletin uses a fancy wysiwyg text box [which doesn’t have copy/paste in the context menu… because it’s not a regular text box]

in opera I have no such luck [maybe opera 9 will change that]

well anway, in the user control panel under edit options you can set the thing to standard or basic to go back to phpbb behavior [a textarea].

Ok cool thanks ill try that I just thought it was wierd after about 5000posts on other forums and it never happening.