Just wondering...

This is related to the other thread which I don’t have to mention.

How many of you use open source software for all the graphics work you do? Is it possible to open a graphics-related business without using any commercial software? When I say graphics-related I meant the usual like digital painting jobs, photo editing, advertising, media and entertainment, website development, etc.

well there is GIMP for photoediting

David Revoy wrote a blog about his moving to an all FOSS pipeline, from a freelance illustrator POV. It’s possible, but hinges on the requirements of the business.

It’s possible, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The simple fact is that while you can strongarm your way through many issues present in a FOSS art pipeline, running a commercial venture is all about deadlines and productivity, and the relatively low price for something like Photoshop would easily pay for itself in one or two jobs.

Interestingly, Blender is one of the only cases where I prefer the open source option over the commercial option (at least for modeling and a few other things). But then again, Blender is in a league of its own even among open source apps.