Justly Killed by their own treachery

(A2597) #1


Ten points to the person that not only tells where the title comes from, but also what it means.

Image done entirely in Blender, small Photoshop to fix a texture tear (Pretty obvious still, but alot better)
render time was about 50 minutes.

(snailrose) #2

I dont know where it came from or what i means, but
Holy S*** thats great work 8)


(ed26) #3

damn straight, looks really good. congrats.

(Andy Goralczyk) #4

wow… that’s awsome! you rock!!!
CJmaterial!! [btw, where is the cj?]

(basse) #5

yes, i agree, your rocks rock.

how did you make it glow like that, and smooth… ?


(bmax) #6

CJ material, definately… great work.

unfortunately goofster’s sitting on his lazy ass doing nothing towards the next one… :x


Why as a woodcock to mine own springe osric i am justly killed with mine own treachery

Hamlet act five scene two :wink:


(wewa_juicyb) #8

The aliens distroyed earth and now the fragments of earth are gonna wip the aliens out!!! mwahahahha
It’s great work. As to the CJ, Goofsta says it’s (almost) finished but he can’t upload it to Elysiun due to server problems (correct me if I’m wrong). All-in-All, great work.


(A2597) #9

Well, got the quote right, but I guess there arn’t enough B5 fans here to get the meaning…

The Centauri (The guys doing the shooting) allied themselves with a VERY powerful, and evil, race to pretty much try and take over the universe. however the shadows (The super race) along with a few other super powerful races, left our galexy. Unfortually, the Drakh, another fairly powerful race, decided to move to Centauri Prime. In the end the Emporor didn’t do as he was commanded by the Drakh, and they punished him by detonating hundereds of fusion bombs on the surface of the planet.

so, the centauri were killed by their own evils. :slight_smile:

the glows? lots and lots of halos…
LOTS of them…each of those little laser blast is about 40-50 halos…I don’t even know how many are used on the planet…hundereds, possibly over a thousand.