Hi I am very new to blender so please don’t laff at Me. can you explain to me how to get to “front ortho” view? I been told to press (numpad-1) and My number “1” on My numbers pad on My computer is now almost worked out. So obviously I must be doing something wrong. HELP please

check that the mouse is over the 3d view! it won’t work if the mouse cursor is over a different panel.

if it’s perspective view and you need ortho hit 5.

If you numberpad is broken go inti preferences (ctrl alt u) and under the “input” tab check “emulate numberpad” then the standard 1-10 on the keyboard will do the same as the numpad would!

do yourself a favour and check out blendercookie.com in the getting started section to get up to speed with the interface.

good luck!