JWildfire got 3D renderer


JWildfire is flame fractal generator.

– completely new 3d (solid) rendering mode for flame fractals, featuring
– ambient shadows
– distant light-sources
– specular lighting, several diffuse-response functions
– reflection-mapping
– hard and soft shadows
– z-buffer-output


Looks interesting :slight_smile: thanks for sharing

Heres a link to some JWildfire builds - http://www.andreas-maschke.com/?page_id=351

Okay, i’m really enjoying this software. Thanks a lot for sharing it! it produces such beautiful images in minutes :smiley:

Heres a few tests, i’ve never used this before, but i was able to get used to the workflow VERY quickly :slight_smile:




Great! Could you make 3D render of second test2 ?

I’ll give it a go, still getting my head round the 3d settings :slight_smile:

Hopefully i actually saved the project file, not just the image!

edit: turns out i only saved the images… unfortunate, but oh well…

I’ve been learning to use the 3d settings more and the renders are starting to look better, i must say i prefer the 2d outputs so far though…

I’ll post up some of the 3D renders when i manage to make some nice looking fractal scenes :slight_smile: