jxs script exporter - major challenges

blender 2.64, After effects cs5.5

So i have a scene with a windows tablet model spinning, with a camera dolly out and back in again.

I Rendered the sequence out.

I then use the jsx exporter to bring the camera and various null objects into After effects so i can add a screen to the tablet in AE

  1. run the script, create the composition
  2. import the blender render, interpret footage, set correct aspect ratio, FPS etc.
  3. add the render to the composition, put in at bottom of layer stack
  4. create new solid, make 3d, parent to Null, reset position, rotation, set correct scale, orient to match perspective.

This all works fine.


Once i play the animation, the plane does not continue to sit where it should, it is almost as if i have the wrong orientation, and yet the position in 3d space is accurate, and the orientation matches in one perspective, but as the camera and object move it changes, almost like a drifting point camera track might do.

I cannot see where i have gone wrong.

is it the versions of blender/AE?
Is it a setting i have missed?
are there certain animations that do not work?

It feels like it could be either lens distortion or some issue with the lens/camera difference between blender and After effects.

its so close to working, the thing i cant seem to find a solution too is this perspective shift, short of key framing it by hand i have yet to find a solution.

please any ideas would be much appreciated

Hey, As an author of this exporter I can assure you that I have tested this so many times against so many circumstances that I’m 99.999999999999999% sure that everything should work perfectly in all cases.
I’d love to have a look at your particular case to see what could go wrong. Could you please send me your blend file, so that I could check it? If there is anything secret, you can simplify it. All I need is the camera with all of its relationships, i.e parents, “track to” objects, and anything that influence it’s location, rotation or lens data, plus the objects that you export. If the meshes are complex, you may simplify them as well.

If you don’t want to make it fully public please send it to me via e-mail: [email protected]