K-3D is out...


This look like a VERY interesting application. How does it compare to Blender? I know it doesn’t seem to have a renderer, but if the support for 3Delight is solid, that shouldn’t be a problem.

I agree. This looks really nice. Who cares if it does not have a render engine, it is RenderMan compliant. Looks pretty good to me.

Ok…so looking thru the documentation, I see it does not have bone deformations yet, and they look like they’re basing their IKA code on Blender’s. The best thing I see in this code is support for exporting animation to a renderman compliant renderer (I’m assumming).

Still pretty cool but it looks like Blender is more mature.

Downloading now to give it a try.

Yes, I think Blender is more mature, and I also feel that Blender’s method of implementation (though it is hard to learn), makes more sense than the way that K3D does stuff. The fact that K3D is a procedural modeler might have something to do with it, but it still seems you have to jump through some hoops to understand exactly what’s going on.