K-3D 0.2 alpha released

(Manuel) #1

K-3D is a good opensource 3D software.


The 0.2 alpha is a candidate for the next to come stable release.

From K-3D mailinglist, by Romain Behar, a developer:


many fixes this time including the major bug that
crashed tools.

Several improvements too, especially with FreeType2

Tutorial translation examples come with the package,
the first one comes in italian and french.
Note that the tutorials have to be in UTF8 for the
Win32 platform and ISO-latin for other ones. We’re
working on UTF8 support in Unix/Linux for next

It’s time to submit bugs, improvements, translations,
documentation, screenshots, rendered pictures, example
scenes, etc.

Note that Aqsis 0.6.4 is out.

Win32 binaries for K-3D are on the way.



Please, help it! :wink:

(kino) #2

Ciao Manuel

really cool apps, maybe a little younger :slight_smile:
but really powerfull.
solved the problem with the disp map?


(Manuel) #3

Ciao :smiley:
After a several help message, the question is solved:
it isn’t K-3D problem…, but a simple shader peculiarity.

From RmanNotes:


Dealing With Smooth-shaded Polygons
Smooth-shaded polygonal surfaces present a special problem with displacement shaders. Although the smooth shading surface normals give the polygonal data a smooth, non-faceted look with surface shaders, the polygons are still flat and therefore displacement of surface points in a displacement shader returns the faceted shading.

With smooth-shaded polygons, N (shading normal) will contain the smooth shading normal and Ng (geometric normal) will contain the face normal. We can solve the displacement problem by saving the difference between N and Ng and then adding it back in after we calculate the new normal. The code fragment below demonstrates this:

point Ndiff;
Ndiff = normalize(N) - normalize(Ng);
P += P * Km * surface_mag * normalize(N);
N = normalize(calculatenormal(P)) + Ndiff;

Unfortunately I’m not a shading expert, and I can’t correct or add
the K-3D displacement shaders…

Do you know who can help me?



(kino) #4

i have some problem with k3d (Linux Suse7.3) a
strange error with the fontid in the Hierarchic view
and cant show the cam view, i cannot reproduce the bug,
i tried with ayam 1.1 but i dont get the same result as you,
maybe a platform problem? Also LightFlow it’s a little buggy
on windows system.
When k3d work i will try to modify the shader and make some


(MaceG) #5

YES! Finally got it to render!