K-CyclesX - Up to 2x Cycles-X rendering with Ultra Denoiser, Post FX, Bloom and Flares

Is K-CyclesX going to support Linux?


It is in development plan for K-CyclesX expecting to be 1 or 2 months.

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What is the fastest setting for k cycle? Cuda or optix?

In K-CyclesX usually is best in preferences set it optix and turn off the cpu. In some cases with GTX cards can be faster with cuda.

Another thing is. The new 2.93.3 is same as blender 2.93.3 right?

It is the 2.93.4rc. It has more bug fixes than 2.93.3.

Really loving kcycles. Amazing for lookdev. Thanks for the addon!

That was my goal to make all the VFX effects easy and interactive as possible. Glad you are enjoying kcycles.