Amazing! But I think the model could use being a little shinier; right now it looks like plastic.

What kind if computer do you have? I have a nice one, but it would take it DAYS to render something like that :smiley:

WOW, I am stunned! My childhood dreamcar is now my dream transformer! :smiley:


Samuel Mancas: notebook:Intel Core2Duo (2.0GHz),3GB Ram, GeForce9300M G graphic card, Ubuntu 64bit(render is faster on ubuntu)
render time: ~1.5 hour with CPU rendering. I rendered the full scene until 200 samples and then rerendered some noisy parts of the image with border render selection until 1000 samples. Then I fixed the noisy white pixels on the image with gimp for a long time :slight_smile:
I think the render time is good because it’s an outdoor scene and I handled carefully with subdivison surfaces. Oh and I used Static BVH and Spatial splits.

^ cool! THANKS! It would be really cool if you did a tut and give us some tips on how you textured and modeled it :smiley:

Great work!!!:eek:

great scene. congrats. imo the material on the car is fine. I used to watch that show with " the Hoff " heheh. there was another show that aired at the same time roughly about a streamlined helicopter called ‘airwolf’. of course it would probably look like an antique next to a modern helicopter now, but the trans am retains it’s classic appeal.

That is cool…great

WOW! just WOW!

Oh my god O_O great job man, really great. I hope you rig it sometime (if not already) and show us how he transforms :smiley:

Jaw ripped off away!


It looks great, but not too fond of the face. Should’ve keep the LED horizontal.

Man, It looks so cool and professional with cycles. It even can be an epic part of the actual movie!! :smiley:

Would you mind if I asked; what was your general settings used in cycles? and How many hours (without the 1.5 hours of render) did you spend starting from the modeling Phase & setting up the scene to the final touches in gimp? was it really a long process!

Congratulations for that piece of art and Thanks. :slight_smile:

Knight Rider?

Great work my friend. I loved the car but could never really get into the show.

Which version? The modern or the 80’s version?

Ignore negative criticism…this is amazing!

Outstanding. How did you spray or pace the debris on the ground? I see little polygon dirt all over the street. Wondering if you placed them all by hand or used a particle emitter or something to spread the debris around.

wouw, very very nice

remember me my childhood :),

btw i think that k2000 car seem a little wierd in the modelling aspects (don’t know why i said this :p),

but the robot is just FANTASTIC !!!