K key not letting me select visible key frames.

I am using blender 2.47 and going through the essentail blender book and I am trying to animate an electron on a circular path. I have the 4 main key points set and now am trying to adjust the in between key points to make a circular path.kK

The K key is not letting me edit my key frames - I can see them however I can only move or select the original icosphere - and this adjusts all the subset keyframes at the same time.

Am I missing something? thank you very much.

Figured it out!!!

To edit the individual key frames you need to Hit K and then RMB the point you wish to edit within the IPO editor window. Using G you can now move teh individual keyframes

You will not be able to select the Key frames in the 3D window using RMB or B drag techniques.

New user learning with the essential blender - coming from a very basic 3ds max background - and I have a year of expereince using Modo - I primarily design executive fruniture using Solidworks 08’