[K.Studio] Female Walk

Tag: Game Animation.
Tool: Blender 2.77a
*Some of them were recorded by the poor GIF software which can NOT capture the fps value as 30, it means we might see them lose some frames in the loop animations. But it wont affect us to observe them in visual. :stuck_out_tongue:


Optimized the bone relationships and Exported it as *.fbx to import into Unity as a test:

Looks great and I hope to see more :yes:. I don’t get why you had to split your walk cycle and run cycle into two different threads though.

Agreed. Just combine the threads

Is she a hooker? Sure seems to be selling it hard. Overall the motions seem over-exaggerated, especially the hip sway and spinal flex that bounces her chest around. Fingers seem a bit overactive, too. Very much a “male gaze” kind of motion, not a strong aspect, more bimbo than general female walk. If that’s intentional, part of her character, so be it, but it’s really a trite and mostly inaccurate representation of a female walk. On the positive side there is a good sense of mass.

Consider using more syncopation in the timing of the hips, shoulders and foot plants (and even the hornlike whatevers on her hat), it may look less like she’s trying too hard.

Thank You! :stuck_out_tongue:
Yea, i thought different pieces of threads ought to be put in the different posts, lol.
was the 1st time to post, forgive my silly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your suggestions, buddy. :stuck_out_tongue:
Exactly, if we want to start to learn to make female walk/run, had better step into there to make the common one without any characters inside, so that it can help us to extend our thoughts to add some characters to fit different roles we are gonna face to during works.
lol, she’s not a hooker… she’s just a girl who can attract males’ eyes. *Blinks

Problem is, the kind of cliché motion you portray implies that acting overtly sexual is the only way to “attract males’ eyes.” It’s an outmoded attitude that denigrates both women & men. Should this be a character for whom such action is her ploy (e.g., a hooker), it would be understandable, sort of, though it’s a very antiquated concept for females. But as a portrayal of general female motion, even for a stylized figure such as this, it’s both inaccurate and not very flattering.

:D. Agree.
do you have some references to share… or show me so that i can watch and get some better thoughts there, by visual effects, that might be a way i can catch what the “Current Style” is. Thank you above.

Well, it’s not really a matter of “current style” as much as what you really want to portray. Like I said, a walk like that communicates a certain kind of personality, and in some story situations might be just right for a character, but would it be right for, say, a no-nonsense business woman, a dark sorceress, a warrior? All of these are currently considered valid female roles, but that walk fits none of them.

Really, your best references are in real life, watching people being people. Don’t look to copy some other’s interpretations, learn what is real and use that to inform your own original characterizations, but think them through, give them life, not stereotypes. You really have to learn how to act, if not in a public performance, then through your characters. Then, if you want to portray a floozy, you’ll know what to do and why you’re doing it! :smiley:

ty! useful suggestions! :stuck_out_tongue: