K3b Rant

I’m totaly fed up (censored version).
Yesterday I decided to back up my blends and other assorted files onto DVD, Admitedly I don’t back up as much as I should, K3b passed it as a success, I was going out so I didn’t actually check the burn before I went out (boy have I learnt my lesson),
Got home thought I’d fire up Blender and the hd died :eek: tried to recover it but to no avial, don’t worry me thinks, with a little smug look on my face, lucky I just backed up all those files and my latest blend I’ve put hours into, so I installed my distro on to a spare hd I had lying around only to discover there is no data on the DVD, it’s written something on there but it can’t be read.
The moral here always double check your backups.
Hope your day’s been better and thanks for putting up with my rant.

Aah you’ve burned at 2x speed for a 1x speed burning DVD. I find this happens alot, dvd’s just cant handle being burnt at 2x speed and must always be at 1x speed for near garuntee success.

I guess the only option now is to spend lots of money getting your HD data recovered.

This proves why you should have data, that you want to persist, be stored in at least three different places.

I do so, although I can’t afford to regularily update data cd/dvd’s.
Other than that, you have the hard drive itself, an external hard drive, a flash disk of some sort and the internet (either publically accessible or not (I use a gmail account as one of my back-ups)).

Also, I suggest keeping them at several locations (physical locations).
Like one cd in your room, a flash disk at your loyal friend’s place and one flash disk you always have with you.

Of course, I’m talking about veeeeery important data :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t forget: some media are more sensitive than others, but none are infalible.

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Put the “dead” Hard drive in the freezer (sealed in a bag so it wont get damaged as easily from ice/water) for a couple of hours and let it thaw out and plug it back in…

Please tell me you don’t burn a DVD at 1x. Doesn’t that take like an hour? I burn at 4x (12 minutes burn, 12 minutes verify) and that’s because I don’t think 8x or higher is all that reliable - I reckon buffer underrun prevention would just kick in anyway but I’d rather it didn’t. I’ve never had a problem with 4x.

Hehe the DVD’s I buy (the cheap ones), are very septible to over speeds. They do say it can burn at 2x speed but I always have it at 1x, garuntees that it will always work first time.

I also dont trust CD’s saying the can burn at like 24x or 48x, but when you the CD always never works. So I always have it at 12x never had a problem with 12x.

I also dont burn alot of things, so I dont notice the extra time it takes. :slight_smile:

I burn DVDs at 1x… it doesnt take that long… as I do it all the time… seems pretty speedy to me, but I do have a pretty nice CD/DVD r/rw etc… drive.

Thanks for the advice and comments

@ kit89 Yep burned it 1 x that’s what you get for leaving things set up as auto, definately be keeping an eye on that in the future.

@ BeBraw & Charlesworth999, Lesson learned, will be keeping more than one version of the back ups from now on.

@ lukus, can’t hurt to give it a try

ahh man that sucks… i gotta do a backup pretty soon…

especially since my hd’s were used when i got them.

i’m sorry i cant really help you.

and about the burn speeds i burn all my cd’s at 48X and it works for me

never burned a dvd though dont have a burner

Here is what you do.

  1. Buy an external hard drive, do regular backups like once a week of your really important data, such as 3D files.
  2. The DVD as mentioned above every month. Or CDs…
  3. IF you can afford it - buy some webserver space, and again once a month send your data there (if you have the skills to program a script to handle that it makes it that much easier).
  4. Remember steps 1-3.

I have done the same thing. Once I was in the middle of a render last year when my whole system fried out, of course I lost everything - about a years worth of work. Worst part, I was planning on backing up the very next day.