[k55_Px] robotica [upgrade 2] Help

hi guys (yeah i know what u´r thinking…“ohh this borring n00b is back” )
here is my recent project the [k55_Px] robotica it´s just a SHAPE
C&C´s are wellcom


Dont’ think anyones thinking that, this is a very good model. Interesting design, like the zoom-eyepiece especially. Just one question: How can the robot turn direction with that type of leg joints?

thanks aquaglow , and about te legs good point of view i will improve a piece to rotate the legs but now im doing arms
i´ll go to launch now after that i´ll put the upgrade

How can the robot turn direction with that type of leg joints?

using a leg pivotally (is correct word?)… :smiley:

Great model. And the robot looks very funny :smiley:

Wierd word :stuck_out_tongue:
try to be more specific.
were are u from funebre?

thanks gregaST
now im doing the arms i´ll put the upgrade soon

hey again here is the upgrade
now im doing a PC on the right side from the robot with the blender runing on the screen and some cables on the back of K55_Px


Nice work!
Interesting bot, looking good so far.

thanks Z-Axis, here is the 2º upgrade, what u think about this??? i have posted on da finished works but i think it´s not finished… so people give me ideas!!!plz


I like this concept :slight_smile: Maybe the screen is too little

Great Job

Tnkx a lot Vincente i will try to get the screen bigger!!