Kaandorpius - Sketchbook

Heya folks, here’s my sketchbook, dont expect to much fancy stuff, noob is my middlename. I’ve just been blendering for a little while now, havent really done any projects so far, i’ve been following tutorials mostly, just trying to get the hang of it.

So here’s just some stuff i consider good enough to throw it out there. Enjoy!


This was a simple piece, but quite effective i think. I had to cut out the drawing in an image editor, in blender turned it into a mirror. The reflection is an actual photo, while the wall itself are some procedural textures on a plane to mimic the wall from the photo. Its a good exercise if your noob like me. :yes:

Turntablism,… Some recordplaya’s and a mixah. Pretty happy with the result myself.

Excellent work,
especially on the vinyl surface.
Very convincing. I wonder how you made it.

Thanx! coming from you that means alot. Though i have to admit the vinyl surface is simply a image texture on a plane, no bumpmapping, no ridges. :wink:

Considering my computer, i still use the main render engine, cycles is a little on heavy side for my old bucket of scrap, so i have to cheat a little bit to get the better results.

Cheers bro.