Kadaj's double-blade katana

being an FF7 fan i wanted to do this for a while.

plz dont go harsh with me, ive only begun learning how to render…





hopefully, ill be able to model Kadaj himself one day.
let hope to that!

Looks really good. :slight_smile:

How did you do the handle wrap? I found myself a bit stumped by that at the moment. And where did you learn to model? I can’t do nearly this well where I’m learning :stuck_out_tongue:

first off, i learned mostly from blender cookie - awesome site with a buckload of easy useful video tutorials.

regarding the wrapping around the handle, i took a circle, extruded it upwards a bit while taking one side to it higher, making it a diagonal.
then played with some array, solifidy and shrinkwrap modifiers.

Looking good mate. Love the design!

One thing, from the images the blades look to be a chrome material?
May want to change that unless you have specifically gone for that blue lightning color.

Looks good for a first model! I would add more of a curve to the blade to match Kadaj’s. Are you going to do Advent Cloud’s sword(s) next? Those were awesome.

Looking cool, just a couple suggestions-
Try offsetting the intersections of the wrapping on the handling just a TINY bit to add some more realism.
The reference handle in the image looks like brass, not wood. If you changed that to make it your own then, as my brother says “more power to you”, but if it’s because you had trouble getting a good material setting for brass (quote: “plz dont go harsh with me, ive only begun learning how to render…”) don’t feel bad, good looking metal can be tricky. Check out http://matrep.parastudios.de/ for some free blender materials.
Lastly, (and maybe this is the same issue as the handle) the texture on the blades looks off. Maybe as a quick fix you could look up a good chrome material, then add it as a new channel for the material you already have, then switch the current texture from color to normal (at .1 or less)
Sorry if that seems like a lot of critique, it’s just a few little things. Overall you’ve got the modeling down and its really lookin’ good. Thanks for sharing, best of luck!

well, that’s was the plan, but then i saw how Cloud’s AC sword is compiled, and thats way to tricky.

i mean, i COULD model each sword, but combining them would be a pain.

what i would like to do instead (after improving Kadaj’s sword), is to create Zack’s buster sword, who is NOT combined of a few blades…

Hehe, another FF fan, I didn’t think there were so many <3…

Well, as a fellow FF fan, I’d say: make the blade a little longer & curved upwards. & the texture of the blade… for some reason it looks like stone to me :confused:?..

Well, it would be really cool if you could make the whole collection of swords ;), & melding them is not as hard as it might seem, if you look closely at the end of AC, you see they really cheated with this, i.e. they just overlapped them all, no real fusing ;)…

Update V2:

tried to improve the handle’s tex, making it more brass-like, rather then gold.
improved blade’s tex.


Now that texture looks SO much better XD…
I think the blade could still be a little longer ;)…

Keep it up :smiley: