I am making a Indie game’s company called KageZone. I myself has worked with around 5 indie companies and currently still working with Devils Inc Studios, but I would like to make my own

I have 3-4 games lined for work to do all very simple and easy something to just start on it is volunteer but once I start to produce Income from the KageZone I will of course pay the people who done there part

I also want to make a Animation company but one step at a time. There are of course a few things i still need to to work on with this but I would love to take anyone on to help me so post a reply or message me directly

One of the game is a explore game this game is you travel the created world and can interact with it in to simplifier it’s a game with it shows you the beauty of 3D art just something to enjoy the only thing i can think of to compare it to i the game “Journey”

I need
python programmers
Texture artist
Level designers
Music editors

Or an specific field you work in that you may think will help with My game company as also the Devils Inc Studio company

You learn from Experience so let me learn

While talking to the Game managers they have said that KageZone can work hand on hand with Devils Inc studio witch is great. If there are any people who want to get into games these people are very talaented but there behind on workflow on there current game and need all sorts of artist and animators they also have professional programmers from Unity working with them with support from Unity

Take someone on for what?

What are these games you need help with?

Details man, they are priceless here…

Sorry about that i will update the post

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Okay thanks you