Kai - Creature Design


This is my latest project. It kinda took more than usual, because
the school started and I have less time to Blender.

Kai is hunter type of character that is living on a desert environment.
He is based on a concept from creaturebox - awesome site, always full of inspiration.

I used only Blender and gimp for textures.
Rendered in cycles.

Hope you like it. :slight_smile:

Great work!, I like a lot your lighting and the blury effect for the composition, great work!

Really nice work. everything is fine i think

Nice work! I think that the chromatic aberration is a bit too strong, but overall nice piece. :wink:

Legs are out of focus. But really awesome.

Very good character.

Great work! The skin texture is very good. The accessories and teeth could use some dirt like the skin has.

That is way cool.

Is it rigged for animation, because I could see myself playing that guy in a game.

Really nice work. I especially like the post-processing and the narrow depth of field. Would you share the compositor nodes?

I also like that you’ve spent time to make a good but simple area to show him off.

lol…funny creature… the texturing is great, however, if you say he lives in a desert, i would expect his head, bald as it is, would be exposed to sun most, and thus show a color like his feet, or even deeper red… as is now, his head looks like he is out into sun for the first time in year… other than that nitpicking, really enjoy this odd creature. well done :slight_smile:

Thank you very much to all of you.
Those are some really fast replies. :slight_smile:

The character is rigged.

I will find some time to share the node on the compositor and skin shader and some ss but later on. Perhaps even tomorrow.

Doris, you are perfectly right. I was thinking on this when I was doing the environment.
I wanted to change it but in the reference there was that kind of dry land environment with a skull near the character and so… I felt lazy to think of another real physical world. You have a good eye anyway. :wink:

Single eyes don’t give any paralax information to the brain, thus no depth perception. That would make it kind of hard to hunt with projectile weapons such as spears. Maybe give him another pupil in that ginourmous eyeball. Or, maybe, when you animate him, make sure his eyeball is constantly sweeping back and forth (like a Battlestar Galactica cylon).

@AlinB nice work! made some animation. I want to see this character in cartoon animation :slight_smile:
Maybe you made more funny pose? :smiley:

I like the blur. CG artists usually refuse to blur or hide any of their models in any way which imo detracts from the believability of the scene. This is perfectly done. Amazing work.

Good job! I really like this image. The textures and landscape are both very well done.

No words to describe about your skills.
You are reaching top top and top, day by day.Such a dedicated boy you are.

BTW This is extraordinary output. I love this character. Seems to be like a decent fellow :stuck_out_tongue: & good Guardian :slight_smile:
Modeling is really Neat model. good texture.
Lighting , i need to appreciate it, looks fantastic… It has the feel, but still it can be much more saturated even shadows are also a bit dull.
Compositing, Loved your lens distortion.

Good work Brother… Simply superb & 5 stars from me… (Even i can give you 10 stars, but here 5 is the limit :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: )

Character is great! Environment looks wrong - of less importance of course. The texture of the ground is not receding in any expected way… Instead it looks like a curved seamless backdrop or a wall behind the character. But then there would be no grass I think… It would give more of a desert look to have a horizon, even a hazy one. There is a peculiar zone just below his shoulder where the backdrop comes back into focus that makes it particularly hard to read.

very nice one ,the emphasis for the eye could be strengthened perhaps ? Might I also suggest a more dynamic composition or pose with the tentacles swinging, like when the characters running or jumping… i dont want to bisect it but you could also add a nice sky background with more horizon

Not… somebody I’d have a cup of tea with ^^;
Great modelwork.

Wowww, this is very good. :slight_smile: Great character, I like his eye… so unique. But I prefer the colors in the second image, the skin looks more pleasant; in the first, his feets are too red (it might be a saturation problem).