Kai's Blender

Today I’m releasing my personal Blender of use which includes all features I developed over the past year. See a short list down below.


All-in-one Patch: 091107.zip

Win32 Optimized Build: http://graphicall.org/builds/builds/showbuild.php?action=show&id=853
Win32 Compatibility Build: http://graphicall.org/builds/builds/showbuild.php?action=show&id=854 (Dead link on Graphicall)
Win64 Build: http://www.graphicall.org/builds/builds/showbuild.php?action=show&id=1197

Two small sample blend files: samples.zip

Video tutorial for Ocean: http://www.vimeo.com/2211193

Main features:


  • Softbody based Demolition Modifier (no specific docs available at the moment but conceptual it’s similar to Demolition Script & Tests). Of course, not all features from the original Demolition Script are supported so far.


Smaller changes:

  • shadow buffer size below 512 is possible. lower limit here is 64. that’s useful if you want to fake GI with lots of shadow buffer spots to avoid slow raytracing. i’m using such methods much for high resolution architecture visualisation, saves lot of rendertime and memory.

  • more flexible OSA settings, 1-16 samples possible. 1 sample for example is nice if you don’t need OSA but want filtered textures for preview.


  • you can now use up to 256 threads for rendering

the rest is in sync with the official blender version at the time of the current release.
blend files should be compatible with official blender, only my modifiers will disappear if you load your file into a different blender.

feel free to compile and upload builds for your own platform to GraphicAll.org, i’d like to add them above.
and please report bugs.

now go and have some fun by making art. :slight_smile:


I have been waiting for this kind of OSA enhancement since I saw plumiferos.

There is a bug in the array modifier.

Download the attached BLEND and click the Rotation Z in the numeric input. Increase it to 20. Then simply decrease it to 10 and you will see the bug. The array modifier in correctly calculates the rotation when Object Offset is used.

Dang, this forum does no allow attachments.

I have placed the blend file in the bug report, however.

Mh why don’t they change the OSA anyway ?

The demo modifier sounds very interesting.

Kai why are those no in the SVN ???


i want to request a function in Adaptive Subdivision Modifier.

Is it possible mesh subdivide depends on a weight map:D

Kudos Kai. Big thanks for this. :wink:

i noticed that with old .b.blend config files, if you use adaptive subdivision modifier, animation rendering can hang (rendering the same frame over and over again). i’m not exactly sure why, but you can fix this by creating a new config and deleting the old one.

seems to be a dependency cycle problem, this behavior could be improved but it’s not such a big bug.

i’d like to add that i meant by ‘report bugs’ only kai’s blender related bugs. problems that only occure because of my changes, modifiers etc. and if you find such a bug, please post it here and not in the blender bug tracker.

you mean weightpainted subdivision independently from the camera distance depending subdivision? if so, then i would say it’d be better located in the subsurf modifier.

i mean:RocknRoll::RocknRoll::RocknRoll:
camera distance
near -->more subdivide
far–>less subdivide
more weight area–>more subdivide
less weight area -->less subdivide
as an adaptive subdivision modifier add this function in it is adaptive.:D:D:D

Great build.

hi kai kostack,

thanks for the build,esp. the lower shadow map size.is it possible to make a shadow mapped lamp(point light)-very useful arch.interiors.-i mean a gui object which acts as point light,instead of alt+d spotlights.it will be great if this becomes feature of blender.


since the new blender version 2.5 is around the corner many patches waiting in the patch tracker will probably go down the drain because of incompatibility. that’s one of the reasons i decided to implement some of them into my blender.

it took some efforts to combine them with the current trunk but i hope everything works as it should. you can find examples and “docs” only in the patch tracker so far.


Image Based Lighting: Diffuse prefiltered (HDRI):

Shaded ambient occlusion:

Ocean Procedural Texture a.k.a Ocean Sim:

here is an optimized windows build:

the patch isn’t ready so far, i’m fighting with all the building scripts… cmake, scons… it’s a horror. :wink:

have fun!

Kai, that’s fracking awesome!

If you do make another build at some point, would it be possible to also include the SSGI patch? Shaded AO, IBL and SSGI in one optimised build would be a dream come true.

Great news Kai!
I’m playing with the win. build right now, that’s really cool!

Add one vote.

Wow! You got the IBL patch to work with 2.48a!!! :smiley:

SSGI = 1 more check mark (yes!)

Shaded AO? Whats that?

It’s AO that takes objects’ color into account. I think it’s supposed to allow a ‘fake’ color bleeding … but with emit enabled on a material, it also allows meshes to act as light sources (in a limited way).

some further notes on this:

IBL and shaded AO can both be accessed through the AO panel at the world buttons. there you can choose what type of AO/lighting you want.


“objects color” stands for shaded AO, it produces color bleeding and takes also light emitting surfaces into account for illumination.


sky color, sky texture and plain you should already know.

IBL (image based lighting) has an additional panel:


note for IBL you need a real HDR image (or EXR), standard images aren’t supported. falloff isn’t supported for IBL as well.

for ocean sim i recommend to check out one of the test files:

about SSGI, it seems not to be finished yet, so i’d prefer to wait a bit longer before including it.

Added an Intel compiler build to graphicall.org with the ssgi node.

Haven’t messed around with it yet except to see that it actually runs.

I was wondering if you have all the different components as separate patches instead of One Big Patch for bookkeeping purposes? Starting to look like I might have to start using a patch manager like quilt pretty soon especially if they do an official release before 2.5.


looks like I just used the first patch at the top of the thread and not all the other stuff from the recent post…

the patch tracker has the individual patches, just follow the links i posted and scroll down. but they are a bit outdated, so prepare for some trouble. :wink:

the full patch isn’t released at the moment.

So how much of this is going to be lost when 2.5 comes out?


I almost made a build with exactly the same patches :smiley:
Hopefully when 2.5 comes they won’t purge the SVN.
Hey Kia you’re proabbly a good person to ask this,
I’m trying to increase the sculpting mode add sub ‘strength’ to 1000,
but it seems to have a cap at 255.
The reason I’m trying is because with high polygons it seems to become
unresponsive with add sub, but I can ‘grab’ fine in the same situation with no lag whatsoever,
so I thought I’d try! :smiley:
So at 255 strength it is a pretty pronounced visually responsive difference,
not as spindly, but I’d still like 1000.
When i changed my camera clipping to 10000 I noticed there were some camera.py
files that I think had to be changed, but I couldn’t find any extra for
grab_brush, or sculpt type searches.
I think the sculpt mode.c strength option and it is something like “0.0, 0.0, 1.0 , 4.0”
and also on that page there are about five “255’s”, ( I was looking for a 255 strenght limit)
sculpt strength isn’t as intuitive for customizing as the camera is.
I don’t know if this is something you might be interested in looking at, but I thought I would throw it out there.