kaisaki1342's Glossy Ceramic like 3d Flowers

Hey guys, been making them lately :slight_smile:

Not a realistic flower nor an attempt to make a real (I suck at realism :lol:)
just some Glossy Ceramic like effect to them.
Either way if someone have better settings to achieve that ceramic gloss >< I would love to see them and apply to next flowers. (And I am a fan of scientific names :P)

I do not know where to put them, so i just put them her in the finished project. If this is the wrong place feel free to move :slight_smile:

Flower #1

Fire Lily (Lilium Bulbeferum) I just found the pic on wiki and I found it lovely

Flower #2
Storks Bill (Erodium Malacoides) Also from a pic on wiki :smiley:

Flower #3
St. Bernard’s Lily (Anthericum Liliago) - Also on the same wiki

Flower #4
Blood Iris (Iris Sanguinea) - From a random picture

Flower #5
Snow Drop (Galanthus Nivalis)

Looking good!

Thanks Rocketman :slight_smile: