Kaiserwagen - Schwebebahn

A highly detailed model of the the Kaiserwagen from Wuppertal, Germany. The Kaiserwagen is a “copy” or more a modernized relict of the old Schwebebahn. Its possible to book it and ride through wuppertal ~ btw. it is very loud :D. It will be textured and (maybe) animated.

The model is nearly done - only few cables, nuts and details are missing.

Here an old photo of the original one.


looks like nice modelling great work
look forward to seeing it textured

very nice details! I rode one when I was a child (my grandparents lived near Wuppertal). It’s really amazing… flying above the river :slight_smile:

interesting model and great modeling! :slight_smile: cant wait to see it textured… Are those “pipes” at the bottom just to increase the strength of the whole cabin or what?