Kaiyoz the SuperSaiyaJin

I’ve just recently discovered blender, and this is the beginning of my journey into 3d art. And with that, comes my first 3D character.
He’s not much now. I’m just getting the hang of modelling, but feedback is more than welcome. I’m going to be giving him anime-ish style hair…but as of now, I don’t know how. :slight_smile: If anyone is familiar with Dragonball Z or what the SaiyaJins look like, you know their hair can be a bastard. lol. But again, any help is appreciated.




Considering that this is your first step into 3D art, it’s pretty good. Just practice.

Thanks alot. 8)

Just an update.



Any ideas as to the best way to make the trench coat more detailed? And as for the rest of him, should I use this UV mapping that I’ve been hearing so much about? Any tips on how to use it?

good work so far could we get a wire fram of the charicter without the coat on

Thank you, and yup.



Right now I’m working on defining his midsection a little more. Can’t really tell in these renders, but I’ll post the alteration soon.

And I want to try to get a smoother transition from his abdomen, to his pelvis, then his thighs. I have made them initially as three separate meshes, but want to try to get them to flow into each other more. So I’ll be working on that, too.

Those images a really small (I’m talking about the ones you link to, not your thumbnails), but from what I can tell, you might want to work on proportions a bit. The waist on your character is really small. Increasing it by 25% would probably do wonders. Aside from that, the model looks pretty stiff, as in, movement looks like it would be difficult for him. I’m not sure if it’s just the pose or my eyes playing tricks on me or really a problem, but I figured I’d make the comment.

Also, I just realized that the image in your sig wasn’t actually a part of your posts. I kept comparing your model to that because I thought that’s what you were trying to make (oops!). You may want to remove it for clarity’s sake (besides, having images in your sig is generally frowned upon here).

Thanks for the reply. The images I linked to were preview mode renders, because I was in a rush. lol. I’m not sure if it was the true wireframe that was asked for, or solid mode, but here is the full sized solid render of the upperbody.


My first attempt at hair. All of these are simply concepts and will most likely change over time. Just posting what I have as of now.




I’m going to be focusing on understanding UV texturing so I can get into more shading and detail. Eyes will be added soon. I’m still open to suggestions though.

Oh…and I’m still not done with the waist area, but I’m in no rush for that yet.

your character is good but i noticed that the elbow looks very strange. i think that you made the arms in two parts. maybe it would be better if you make it in one part

Yeah, I started doing the model with the impression that joints/limbs needed to be done in different sections, but I’m learning that is not the case. Right now I’m working on texturing, so I can give him more detail, but I plan on chopping off the arms at the biceps and extruding them from the original mesh. I’ll probably be doing that for both the pelvic area and the lower legs too, but I’m not too sure, because I don’t think I’ll be having him running around naked, anyway. Lol. But I might.
The elbows were really bothering me though, so I did see that. But thanks for the heads up.