Hey dudes,

You may have seen earlier on Blendernation we’re working on a series in-house at ProMotion called Kajimba. It’s the story of Kajimba, a dry and dusty place in the middle of Australia and all the locals with nothing better to do all day than drink at the local pub.

The website and blog is online at

–> http://www.kajimba.com <–

but I thought it would also be good to keep up-to-date with progress in a thread here too. Go check out the site for more images, screenshots and info about the project and the characters! Here are some character renders that we’ve posted previously:

Grogan (goanna)

Cookie (kookaburra)

Noelene (crocodile)

Reg (magpie)

Yesterday, after demoing it at the Melbourne Blender meetup, we posted our beer rig:


We’ve made the .blend file available to the public too

Amazing job so far!

I really like the scales on Grogan, but all the characters are fantastic! What kind of audience are you trying to appeal to?


This is really cool. I like rigging of props because it is not so intuitive as character rigging and it brings a lot of challenges how to think up common behaving in really un-common way.

What is it with you people. A good beer needs more foam. The beer looks stale even when it is full. :wink:
Thanks for the blend really interesting. Is it possible to control the foam top too or is that texture dependend?

Great job keep us posted on the progress.

Great job, everybody at Promotion and thanks for the free beer (rig). It looks like you’re having fun with this, I’m looking forward to seeing the first ep.

cheers, fellas!

musk: heh that’s not how it’s done down here - next you’ll be asking for a handle and a little flip-top-lid on the glass, eh? :slight_smile:

Today we posted a new character: cecil. Go check him out on the blog: http://www.kajimba.com


Nah flip-top-lids are kind of outdated nowadays but take it from the home country of good home brewn beer a beer needs a nice foam top :yes:
Like this:

Nice new character. Any chance that you will publish tuts or making ofs and the kind for the blender community? Or maybe evene a tutorial DVD?

Can’t wait to see Kajimba :slight_smile:
Reg and Cecil are the ones I find more visual apealing, or perhaps lets say more something that I don’t know what it is :P… and I also like the others allot :smiley:
All the ambient feels quit good.

I’ve been playing with the bear rig, it’s quit cool and a awesome idea to save processing time… I’ll use it next time I need to have a drink :wink: Thanks a bunch for sharing it!

This is going to be an incredible example of what Blender can do.

I wonder how much of the new volumetrics we’ll see in this since you’re developing them.

musk: yeah i guess anything is possible. right now we’re concentration on just getting it out there, and getting a first episode finished.

first animation test is now online:


Keen gear!

Maybe a viewport capture, if you get a chance?

Some walkcycles up!

Grogan: http://vimeo.com/2115332
Noelene: http://vimeo.com/2115349

bunny: there are some on the site of the character setups, haven’t got an OpenGL of that test animation, but can try to remember to make one on Monday if you like!

Beautiful stuff. Visual style is a perfect blend of cartoon and realism.

Is Grog albino? He’s much paler than any goanna I’ve met.

Thanks, broken!

I’ve been drooling over you guys’ rigs since the site first went up! These tests are looking great; the project has got me really excited.

I’m sure to be stepping on their toes, but they’ve posted a full rig at Kajimba – and it’s effing BEAUTIFUL!

Unbelievable work. Everything is looking professional Hollywood grade so far. Grogan is pretty cute if you ask me.

cheers dudes!

Looking forward to see what you guys can do with the rig, let us know!

Uploaded another animation test - a few more in the pipe to come soon, so keep checking www.kajimba.com :slight_smile:


Hey Matt you are doing a GREAT job ! congrats to the whole team !

:slight_smile: It’s really wel thought. The animation is awesome and really enhances the gag.
The bear rig in action hehe