I LOLed! The voicework is really great; with each new update, I get even more excited for this project!

Ah, couldn’t help myself.


Great rig!
I had one issue with it though: The legs seem to be one joint short - makes bending down hard.

William, that’s awesome, showed the guys here and we love it!

by the way fellas, we’ve got a new test animation online:


is that soft bodies for the alligator’s (or croc’s) fat?

She’s a croc :wink: I know we’ve set up soft body lattices on her boobs but I have a feeling they’re not active in that shot. There are still major difficulties in using soft bodies from linked character groups which is preventing us from making full use of it. I think the deformations in that video are just from the rig and mesh deform.

There are still major difficulties in using soft bodies from linked character groups which is preventing us from making full use of it.

Is this something that can be solved with you comitting new code to Blender?

You’ve done that for rendering projects for a while.

yes something like the jiggle modifier in maya

Heya, got a new animation test up:


Cyborg Dragon: Not really, that sort of issue runs very deep and it’s complicated. But I found this pyconstraint, might give that a try as a stopgap solution for now: http://www.niel3d.com/niel2/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=2622&forum=9

Just got back from visiting Kajimba and it’s hilarious.Love it! Gonna go Blender a beer now,and
maybe have a try at Bill.

Hi Broken,

Great work and thanks for sharing! Very funny!

Gotta love Grogan’s wobbly boot action!

New animation test up:


In other news, we’ve revealed the identities of our excellent voice actors and have started on animation of episode 1. More info: http://www.kajimba.com

Great news on the cast - particularly excited about Kitty Flanagan! Another nice test animation btw…

and here’s another :slight_smile:


Hoping to get a first lipsync test rendered and online before the holiday break…

Haha nice, nice

first voice test now online!


Heh heh…
Awesome stuff. Who animated that one? Good performance!

New year, new (rendered) character. here’s Bill in living colour:



more @ http://www.kajimba.com

btw freen: that cookie animation was mostly luke from twitch studios who came and hung out with us for a few weeks to learn Blender.

Is bilby a smaller creature than the regular cast? I ask because of the scale of the character rig. It seems if you take 1BU=1m, then he is about 2m tall. What’s the scale settings you prefer to work with?

I absolutely love your work.

One thing that bugs me though, is that Bill seems like a ripoff of Scrat from Ice Age. He’s got the same dumb, bug-eyed, twitchy thing going on. I love the character but he reeks of Scrat.

Heya, here’s a little friday quickie:

FreakyDude: Yeah, bill’s a lot smaller than the others, eg. Grogan is 6.5 units tall. I don’t know if the scale is really a preference, it just kinda evolved, I suppose.

adamsucks: some of him is inspired by scrat, sure. However there are plenty of differences too, unfortunately he’s not a major character in the first ep, so we’ll have to wait :slight_smile: