Very nice. Do you know when the first episode will be viewable and where it will be shown?

heya, got a new animation/voice test:


Rexono: currently its self funded, we’re trying to get the first episode done in spare time, as a pilot and then take it from there. But when the first ep is done (anyone’s guess) i’m pretty sure it will be available online.

Nice clips! The bilby and the glass one looks really good, too. I used the bilby for an 11second club entry, hope you don’t mind. It sucked (my animation, not the rig) and I didn’t finish it in time, so I didn’t enter it in the end, but thanks for the rig, it works good n’ that.

Arbsolutely dern gorge us! Thank You for the great stuff!


hey all, it’s been a while, time for a new animation test:


fatfinger: cool, got a link to the animation? Always curious to see.

Here’s a playblast of as far as I got. Cheers.

hah, cool :slight_smile:

It’s been a while, but things are still moving forward. Been doing a bit more work on ep 1, but there’s still a few more old animation tests to post!


just saw your latest, and I’m really impressed!

actually, I’m suprised that this isn’t getting more attention. This really is some of the highest quality stuff I’ve ever seen! Truely incredible.

good luck with this, I’m looking forward to seeing more :slight_smile:

This is really nice, can’t wait to see EP 1!

EDIT: Two things I forgot -

  1. DO you have/need a soudtrack for this?
  2. Are you going to try to get this on TV? Because it looks like it could wind up there.

Hey midna, I know we’ve been talking to people about soundtrack, but not sure what the status is there, why do you ask? Yeah, getting it on TV would be great, we’re taking it to market at Annecy 09 so we’ll see what happens there.

here’s a new animation!


My favourite so far!
Great performance!

Once again, who animated it?

P.S. Annecy, eh? Wonder where you got tickets to that…

Just plain astounding!

Wow, this is really impressive, great job on the anim, it’s so lifelike …

Just wanted to shout out to these amazing creations!! I laughed my ass off at nearly all of them!

Holy cow!!! This was all done in Blender!!!

Man I can’t wait to get into this program now!!! Amazing!!!

cheers dudes!

just put up a new desktop wallpaper on the blog:

1920x1200 / 1600x1200 / 1024x768


Cool… Just discovered your project. Looks really professional and also funny!

Definetly inspired me, very good work gentlemen. Your work surely shows the true power of Blender…

I’m so looking forward to watching a full episode of this. :slight_smile:


i just love this project! The characters are adorable, technically everything is really well done and believable. And the mood with the whole lighting and gags is really cool!
Even my little sister says that it looks cool!:spin:
I would love so much to see a full episode! NOW! :evilgrin:

so long