kakachiex2 3D sketchbooks

Dig that demon (last one) in no 5. Very cool work on the musculature, and the face is a counterpoint to the whole thing.

Awesome work.

thanks Your words motivate me to keep improving

Some new test in blender Sculpt Dyntopo, Cycles and some previewing in sculptris Matcap those are wip i don’t know if I will finish those 3d sketch

Zbrush BPR Render test, the girl was modeled in Zbrush testing the sculpt experience i Z…:yes:

great job!
Your 2d sketchbook thread is awesome!
great character design!

thanks i want to begging learning Cycles to make my character more realistic your artwork and michalis and others… have motivate me really thanks…:yes:

Another dyntopo 3d sketch this is a mechanic character I think i will finish this one

Hello guys i want to share with you some of my recent work in blender and Zbrush for my RhinoAliens
Some Skim modifier weapons for my RhinoAliens

And here some screen of my RhinoAliens wip

My Alien wip Zbrush and blender

Very creative and pro! Thanks for posting your work here. I really dig it.

Nice sculpts! I really like your alien with the rhino horn! I also really like the design on that game character and hammer from the first post.

thanks for your appreciation

Array sketch and dyntopo testing wip

Impressive posts.
Your zbrush work and your BPR renders look a little more interesting.
I’m not against this. I’m a also an owner of this excellent application.
Just trying to say, some work has to be done, to have superior cycles renders from your zb sculpts.
Dyntopos simply rocking.
Keep posting.
Love it.

thanks michalis i’m not so good in rendering i’m learning blender cycles and zbrush render to my two favorite 3d app…:smiley:

Blender booleans and manual modeling

Eyes topology and my serpentino dyntopo character

hello here are some screen of a project for an animated movie anime style

Beautiful works/*sketchbook you have.