Kaldewei project: Axoliod


I Think Kaldewi has became a littel short epic ( and I realy unabel to tell you how it get so far)
I have decidet to give Kaldewei same monster creaturs. The first one is the Axoloid

This Monster is based on a salamander and shall guard the seas arornd the Castel. I know this is a Job for Corodils but they are a bit boring for me.

The Axoloid is a mix between a salamander (Axolt) and a shart (theeth) with the lengt of maby 12 m

I have almost Finished the model and now I am going to do the material part… so I am ging to need your help


First Material Test
not quite right but noct very rong…


the Testing goes on
PS.: this is not the Final Texture


Same New Pictues
I Fokust on the pink part


I Think I Do the dentist thing…
didint have anyone any Question or samthing?


I think it looks really nice, The material’s got a nice shader and the model is well done. I think it should have some kind of dark blue/green/brown texture but I don’t know what you’ve thought out…

I think you’re project is going to turn out epic if you keep on going at the same level : )

yes i thik i know whath you after…

the ceaturs get same kuper blue - green coloartin on the top…
… like the pikture

New Theeth and a Pickture of an real Axoltel

li hope it will add the picktues