Kalith: We need 2D artists (DONE)

Hello people,

Kalith is looking for two 2D artists who can draw concept art. You won’t get paid, but you will be in the credits of our project.
We are currently working on the story. As a member of the Kalith team you will have access to all files. However there aren’t many files to check right now. Our first project has been cancelled. Our second project is a one-level game that sets in the future. A war between an oppressive government and a large group of rebels.
If you are interested, please register on our forum and PM ‘AniCator’.
Forum (dev-section is invisible to non-developers): http://kalith.subjectdone.com

- AniCator

I thought you might like to see a drawing instead of just text. Well here’s one. It’s not looking great, that’s because I wanted to keep it simple. The chance the textures will be more detailed is pretty big. The chance the faces will be really low-poly is big too.

- AniCator

I have joined the forum , i think i can make 2d concepts :slight_smile:

here goes an example :smiley:

EDIT :- oops , i forgot to say that this character is choas legion not my idea, i will post my character soon


here goes an image from my imagination made before some time :smiley:


Have you got a Tablet?

check out my spiderman its probably the best i have up here so far :slight_smile:


and i have a wacom if it helps :confused:

anywayz :smiley:


well, I registered on the forum- you can see what my stuff looks like on my deviantart account (a lot of the stuff is a bit older, but this is about my current skill level)

and I do have a wacom, in case it makes any difference…

Have you got a Tablet?

yup , Genius

You’re in. Three is enough!
charliemcf. I think you should register on the forum.

Other people should register as well. When we have great news you’ll receive a newspaper.

CaptainOblivion and 3DGURU, your rights as a developer will be activated as soon as possible. I’m working on it right now.

- AniCator

EDIT: You’ve got the rights. There isn’t much to see yet, but I’ll work on that tomorrow. It’s 20:16 here and I’m going downstairs now.