An animation with Blender.

I’m really disappointed… I found nothing to criticize. :wink:

Really great work! I put it in the Top 10 of all the Blender animations I’ve watched. :yes:

Thank you Kaluura.

Yeah, I agree. That was very tight character animation, as was the lighting, and modelling. Cool-looking character. I hope you’ll do more with him. Keep in mind, mickey mouse wasn’t much more complex a character, yet became world-famous.
The only thing I’d start doing with this guy is experiment with sound, if you haven’t done so before. Blender has a new 3D sound system that lets you put a “speaker” on a character. Doing that to this guy could totally make this character, and it would be hilarious if you had all kinds of crazy sounds for him, yet he never speaks. Like a Silent Film era animated character, with no talking, but LOTS of sound.
That could be innovative.
Either way, great job. Can’t wait to see more.

Thank you AdamEtheredge. This character is a free-rig. Next time I will try to do better, with sound of course. :smiley:

If you have time in the near future, can you please make a tutorial on this? Anything related to dragonball amazes me.

Do you mean a tutorial of “how I animate this character” step by step?(Why I put every pose of this animation, etc…) or you mean, how to make a “sphere-energy-dragonball”? (that’s really easy, it’s only a sphere near his hands, and I animated it separately)