Kami addon updated for 3.0

I have updated Kami.

Kami Version 1.11b2

Fix for Blender 3.0 : Attribute Error: ‘Curve’ object has no attribute ‘use_fill_deform’ causing Kami to give errors.



I think you want the released scripts forum, this is python support

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Thanks @testure I moved it :slight_smile:

Thanks for your effort.

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Hello. I love this, but I noticed it causes navigation in the 3D view to become extremely sluggish at some point, and it doesn’t seem to make much difference what I set the resolution to when I convert to mesh, or even decimate it considerably, which I would not recommend anyway. I am using 3.1.
(edit) I managed to get things under control by deleting everything in the scene other than a ‘skullcap’ to work on. So it could have been something in my scene that was causing the issue. Working smoothly now anyway.