hi this is a work from my sister (architectural work) kam and i made in blender…well actually, kam modeled and i made some changes to make it look like it is in real…anyhow, the chairs still have to be added. C&C always welcome. preferably C


Its a very nice concept, actually. I really like the clean table and how it begins to take the shapes of the space around it. The structure underneath the table is successfull as well in that it really looks like it has arms and legs (table legs, that is). Is there a place to rest your feet, or does that not occur in office settings?

The space is very creative, but there are a few things i might point out. First, the shadows cast seem unlikely, it seems that there is a point source at some position, but i believe that the lighting will come from within the space? The shadows seem a bit dark for a light shining through glass! Is this room part of a bigger whole that we have not seen? i do think that the glass should be exteded into the sides of the room (the acoustic accordian walls) into the triangle spaces. Last thing, and this may have been done intentionally, is that both renderings seem a little too grainy. I think this may be caused by the procedural textures (dithering or something, can’t put my finger on it>).

Good job though.

thanks, we tryed to make it as similar as we can to my sisters idea (lana goris) but we’re not finised yet. but you comments surely are helpfull, i never thought of the light source yet, but we were first trying to get all the structure’s in :stuck_out_tongue:

anyhow, as i said the chairs are comming in and i’ll talk to KAM about the glass. i’ll post an updated version on of these days. the windows are supposed to be like this, but the wal have to get a little higher. also the grainy look of the picture is done intentionally.

but as you can see, there is a hole in the back (glass)wall, while in blender its a full plane without any hole’s.

and about the glass, i havent found how the reduce the shadows casting it.

but agian, thanks! :wink:

here’ss the new kami…alltoughn not much has changed, we haven’t had much time to continue:


:frowning: Maybe work at the light

Make the sunlight(or the light your using) yellow-orange(like a upcoming sun). Place the camera in the building and change the sky into a blue sky(maybe with clouds)

Go to AO Settings and set the enviorment occlusion effect to SkyColor

Maybe this would give a better look(I HOPE SO!) :wink: