Kamikaze music video/visualization

This is a video i got commissioned to work on a few months ago, done in blender, rendered in cycles and post in AE. Ive been looking at how to do the glitching effect in blender but have the glitching occur on the actual geometry rather than over the rendered footage. I think that this opens up doors to do more stuff creatively that may not be possible if the glitching is done on the rendered footage. (like these sweet still frames). I imagine another scenario where the material of an object relies on the geometry, you can have the material be influenced by the glitching as the mesh is deformed with time. I will try to work on something to explore this.


if you could get your hands on the isolated stems you could synchronize a different element to each sound, adding to the immersiveness

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thanks! that’s an awesome idea. ill look into it for future projects

i’ve posted a tutorial on how to achieve this glitching and some ways to take advantage of it (like making a material that is influenced by the distortion)…check it out over here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aKk_jB7nmg