Very interesting and successful group of marsupials.
Also pretty novel to those of us not from Australia, Tasmania, or New Guinea, so I thought I’d do one in Blender.

All crits welcome (especially if your from Australia, Tasmania, or New Guinea. :slight_smile: ) At this stage I’m concerned with accuracy of the anatomy.
Especially the feet and head. Thanks for any info you can give.


Nice start. Cold improve on his hands and legs.

It looks good…
I don’t live in anywhere with kangaroos, but to me the arms look a little awkward… I don’t know though, I can’t model that well.
Good so far!

If you are planning on rigging this, I assume that’s why the arms are sticking out like that. Otherwise, they should be more like human arms, down at his sides. Also, the middle section of the hind legs looks a little thin, but I have no reference, so they could be fine. The tail needs a little work as well. The section after it bends looks like it gets a little fatter again. With all that said, the model definately looks like a kangaroo, and really isn’t far from being a really good model. I like the definition on the achille’s by the way, but I think that it goes to far down into the back of the foot and the heel. Good luck. Keep up the good work.

Looks like a wallaby to me.

What’s wrong with the arms is he’s missing elbows. And his tail needs to be a bit more splayed where it joins the body.

Needs stronger eyebrows, squeeze the top of the head along the nose a little (it should be squarish, not round), and his ears are attached wrong.

Sorry… heh. I do think it is a great model. Good luck!


Great start you have there!

If you can find a reference picture this will make sense…

The arms need to be bent, they come straight down from the body and then bend forward.

The Kangaroo’s leg is 100% muscle. Quite a fair bit of the top of it is sitting beside the body and they come more forward with an ‘knee’ joint in there.

Also, the face needs to be worked on a little, they look quite a bit like a Greyhound.

This link might help :wink:



Thanks for your responces guys! And the link too. Fascinating stuff there! Your info will be very helpful.

Once I get the arms rigged they will come down into a more natural position. He does have elbows but they’re hard to see from the angle in the pic. And they probably need more definition. The head especially will be getting a lot more work.

I’m supprised though.
Noone’s asked me where his pouch is! :slight_smile: