Kansas_15......props help again

so i tried that and it still didn’t work…the ball goes forward, registers the collision for five seconds then goes through the wall

why don’t you keep it all in one thread?
What are people going to do with crypitcal omnirefferencing posts like this?

Umm, cammielot don’t take up space on elysiun like this. If it’s so many questions of the same thing directed towards one guy. Just PM Kansas_15. Top right of the screen, :private messages. Click that, click new post, type in the username, subject and your question, and submit. Then your questions will be sent to him through private message. It can then be deleted whenever you want so less space would be taken up on elysiun. (Your posts can still be seen years from now)
If you PM (private message) him on the other hand you can delete the messages later on.

Jason Lin

I may know the game engine but i’m not a grand master at it yet, so far i’m only a beginner with base knowledge of it, plus it’s not all a good idea to depend on one person for all answers.