It’s time to introduce to you Kaori - a cyborg girl from a future world, where there is only space for those who can stand up for themselves. There are not many left like Kaori because of the constant hunt for cyborgs. Isn’t this a dark backstory for the stylized character? But who said that stylized characters should always tell fairy tales?

You can also find this work on Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/XB8bba


Love it!!!

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Great stuff! Congrats

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Thank you, guys!

She’s gorgeous. I like the unique take on cyberpunk aesthetics too. And who says stylized characters can’t have dark back stories? I’ve seen plenty of that, and in my opinion there’s no conflict between the two.

Not sure how functional that bike would be with no space between the bottom of the front half of the bike and the street/floor. Steering could be a problem too. Still looks pretty cool though.