Karaoke Machines?

So… I’m looking to hook my wife up with a karaoke machine for christmas, but I’m a bit lost.

I know I want DVD and CDG capability, but besides that… I know nothing. I’m seeing units anywhere from $80 - $thousands. And reading reviews that show me you don’t neccesarily get what you pay for.

Anyone here with some experience with these things and can recommend a decent machine for about $200 or less?

just buy her some jewelry instead :wink: women love that.

Why not get some software instead? This does CDG + DVD and has a demo:


or this one, which has a free version:


That way, if she doesn’t like the idea any more, you don’t have a karaoke machine cluttering up the attic. Plus, if you want her to shut up, you can just say you need the computer for work ;).