Well… don’t even ask me where this idea came from.
Anyway heres the pose, I need some critics on the fabric and maybe some tips on making the creases look better. I’m working on some textures next.
I’m done with the belt model.

latest update:

You’ll need something that looks like an arm to cast shadows, so you might as well make the arms themselves. The folds ans stuff are good on the pants, but on the shirt part they’re a little stiff. Make everything, even on the pants, droop a little, they are up too much, to me, anyway.

The belt is not “tight” on your pic. Also the kimono cut is slightly different. My english is not good enough to explain the sewing mistakes :smiley: Anyway, one of the problems is that a real kimono is not made of one piece.

I don’t know what you mean by a different cut. And by kimono do you mean gi (I think thats how you spell it)?

I see what you mean about the belt I’ll work on that.
I will try my best at the fabric henry.

Good work

Look at the picture. See how the front differs.

You mean the seam down the middle? I can just add that when I texture it.

And I know what it looks like I own one :slight_smile: but thanks anyway.

Ohh, looking good. I love martial arts, too bad I live out in the middle of nowhere, the closet city where I can buy a game is 30-45 minutes away, but we do have a TaeKwonDo school, but, the instructor is moving, so I have no idea where we stand, so if it closes, I’l just head up to the 3rd largest city in Il, and see if I can find anything worth my time. On topic:
I assume that you are going to put the seams on the legs in with textures, and that belt is, as stated, too loose, and over all, looks, well, off grabs belt and ties Well, can’t really follow the belt on yours, after all, its 2 AM, so I’m off to bed.

I mean the seam that comes from down left and goes around your neck. I will not look very good in Blender internal if you plan to do it with bumpmap only. It’s not a big thing, so you should concider modeling it in there.

Heres an update. I was trying to get a basic fabric texture that looked good.


I assume you take karate daredemo? If so what style and were to you live?

I’ve retured from professional sports due to knee injury, so, I’m not a competition :smiley:

Thats too bad :frowning:

I added some sleeves but haven’t got around to the hands yet…


The belt doesn’t actually appear to make contact with the figure, on the left and right edges there is a small gap between the edge of the kimono and the belt.
Also is the texturing still a work in progress because the entire thing looks like its made of marzipan thats been attacked by a sandblaster.

You only looking at the first post? The belt looks good to me now. And the whole thing, textures and model is still a WIP.