Kasparov's Immortal Chess Game

I am working on a short film based off of one of the greatest chess games of all time.
These are the chess pieces so far, critiques are more than welcome!

I added a board and made the white pieces more glossy

Here the pieces are set up in their right positions

Unfortunately, the white material seems noisy, but hopefully that will be fixed with higher samples.

Hi Jacob

Love chess and been meaning to do a scene for ages now. I like the camera shot of your 2nd pic and I think this is coming along very nicely.

Some things to take note of maybe.

  1. The material set up you have is not good, I assume that you will be wanting to go realistic by the way the rest of the scene is set up. The material is not distinguishable to me at the moment, maybe have a look at some ref images on the net and decide on a specific material and go for it. Maybe plastic, wood, marble or glass as there are many things that pieces are made of.
  2. The horse needs some work, there seem to be some modeling flaws as it is rather bumpy above the base. The head at the moment does not look like I would expect it to, the ears also. Are you using a ref image to model? It may be this way on your reference.
  3. Turn down the specular on the board and also add some thickness to it.

Keep it up and looking forward to some updates.


Thank you speed7! I improved the material (although, it can still use some work). I will remodel the knight next update. While your third suggestion is a good one, I decided not to turn down the specular of the board to keep it a bit more stylistic. I realize that will take away some realism, but after a make a simpler background (the current one is just an HDRi), there will be more room for less realism.
Thank you so much for the advice.