Kata short and ceilingbot (animations)

These are two different animations but I didn’t feel like opening different threads for them.

Kata (short version)-

this ones been in focused critique for a while and gotten alot better from its first incarnation. It could still be improved and I planned on making it longer but I really have to move on now. Besides, midterms are next week heh.

quicktime mpeg4 ~1.8Mb

heres a link to the WIP

well, the model itself is a relic, dating back probably more than a year (modelled w/o face/edge selection btw :P)
anyways, decided to rig it and test out how it could move.
Its supposed to be a mechanical operator that fixes/repairs/operates on other robots. right now all the arms end in arc welders but if I do anything more with him I’ll give him more versatile appendages.

quicktime mpeg4 ~1.8Mb

btw, for anyone who remembers, this is the original thread, with a bunch of other mechanical stuff there.

anyways, hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Very impressive both of them!

Think you would manage to convert the Kata one into using a ‘real’ body? That’d look awesome! (I know it’d probably be hella tough though ^^)

And as for the machinery thing, maybe you could have it do something, like build a crate or whatever out of four planes, just something simple?

Anyways, VERY impressive!

i absolutely love the Kata! Tae-Kwon-Do, right? i have some experience with karate myself. the movements were very well made and i like how you added subtle body movements to make the anim more realistic. you seem to have mastered the blender animation system.

TKD is spelled “Tae kwon-Do”.
Been doing it for five years.

But you’re right, it looks really cool.

i was wonderign how long you have been doing 3d?

Nice stuff!! Can you share with us armature used in Kata short? %| Your riging works!

well, the animations are funny and well done
the karaté character could be replaced by a real person, use human maker script
the robot scene is great aswell

thanks everyone for taking a look :slight_smile:

no plans to extend the kata animation in any way at this point. I learned alot from making it but now on to something different.
As for the robot, you’re in luck, the next thing I’m probably goin to do is revisit the military lab complex I started and that guy will definitely be in there (with different and more varied arms!)

Yes, the form is loosely based on Tae-kwon-do/karate. thanks for commenting on the attempted subtlety, it could be better but I tried. for contrast, you can check out the original version in the WIP, which is about as unsubtle as animation can get.

thanks for the kind words.

about two years ago (beginning of my junior year in high school), although i didn’t do much for the first year. I’ve been trying to teach myself animation for about a year now, with most of that time going into my psuedo short film/animation “breaking in”. As a film, it probably isn’t really worth watching (no sound!), but I learned alot from making that and its not bad (though I cringe at parts). I have my own space for it now, which I didn’t at the time I finished it so if anyone wants to check it out:
and the WIP thread for it:

oops, mentioned this in the WIP but forgot here. The model is mine (big whoop…heh) but the rig is one made available by harkyman in another thread a long, long while back. scroll down a bit in this link. its called finalrig.
Its a really capable and (IMO) easy to use rig, although it doesn’t seem to behave correctly in any blender version after 2.36.

thanks for the comment. again, not planning on making the fighting bot a real character, just working on trying to get animation to look good.

I wish I could put up a fight scene like yours^^; I’ve been trying to get my second short film done in quite some time now and… I need to.
-I did my first short around the same time you did yours (also no sound…)

Both are very nice little animations and really well done. The kata one was particuarly nice with some good movements. Keep up the good work.

I can’t watch that right now since I’m using the school clusters and they wont show it (read below for why I’m stuck using the clusters). I’ll try to check it out soon.

thanks for the support. If I do any more fight scenes/martial arts type stuff i’ll definitely try to choreograph it more before hand instead of doing it as it comes out though.

Unfortunately, the files for both these animations, and a whole lot of other ones are now potentially lost to the void. The hard drive on my computer failed a few days ago :(. Anyways, I’m gonna call tech support and if it is a loss I should be able to get a replacement drive for free. Actually, its not that bad since most of the data is probably recoverable (if its not then i’d be a little more upset than I am now). i have some of my files stored on an external drive too. anyways, this was an unwelcome inconvenience (during midterm week too :< ). Anyways, not a big deal i guess but I needed to vent a bit.
btw, this is the second time a Dell computer has done something like this to me, never buying from them again. (actually, I never wanted a comp from Dell but thats another story…). Plus, whoever designed the case for the comp I’m using seriously needs to be smacked in the face, the only USB ports on the front are un the very bottom, underneath a flap that won’t stay up and you cant take off, and angled downwards so the only possible way to plug something in is to lie flat on the floor and push around until it goes in…)
Ok, this has turned into a rant so I think I’ll just stop talking now :slight_smile:
have a nice day

Psst, he’s suposed to start and end at the same place when doing that pomse (dunno the english word) :stuck_out_tongue:
Looks awesome though, really liked the movements!

just beautiful both. Great animation like any other part of cg is 90% tweaking to get the perfection, it was done how it should be done, with a pure and artistic balance between realism and style. tips hat

I am quite glad that you had a proxy in the first, it helps focus on the animation and nothing else, which was your focus in that peice.

Nothing to crit, great examples of organic and mechanical animation at its best.

Cheers. Lee

Very nice, but i’m more interested in the material of the ceiling robot. Could you describe how you did it? (that the sharp edges are white)

You’ve really done a great job with the kata animation. The animation on the ceiling arms is good, too!

Great work!

well, this is actually a made up one but I think I know the form you’re talking about (i think form is the english equivalent). it was supposed to be longer but I decided to end it where he was standing after the spin.

thanks so much, that really made my day after a really crappy week (Midterms didn’t go so well…). I’m really looking forward to seeing the stuff that comes out of Orange, good luck with that :).

standard blender gray actually. I used a low res fake GI dome for lighting with low bias spotlights (a search should bring up an explanation. Faster than AO and I like the look better). No materials, textures, or rampshaders on it.

thanks too, I’m glad that you liked them.

at least I’ll have enough motivation now to keep blending after I get my computer fixed.