Katana, the japanese Steel

I finished this a while ago already but didn’t post it here. Actually there’s not too much to say about it this time, this image was made for a friend and is obviously inspired by his (and mine) interests.
Yes, it is Blender, that Katana was modelled and rendered in Blender, although I kept the materials very simple to achieve a nice look during postpro (which was minimal either way, even though it may not look like it).


Just wanted to show it off, since I was very pleased with the outcome and the receiver liked it a lot, too :slight_smile:

(Oh, and eventually I found out how to link through a picture :smiley: )

And something else I wanted to add: I just recently discovered that two of my works were moved to the Gallery Forum. That is a great honor for me and I just wanted to say “Thank you” for all the support here - it’s always a pleasure to receive your feedback and wonderful to show stuff to such a community :slight_smile:

I dont see anything

Very nice image, Myke. I like the shaders you used and the composition of the piece is very well done.

you have to clik the empty space :smiley:

very nice. I like the style of the picture.

Yeah, the style is pretty cool, I didn’t expect that

Good work.

Great work!

That’s a nice render, the whole thing reminds me of old Karate posters at my old karate club.
There’s a thin line halfway the blade which seems a bit out of place.

Well, it sure is a minimalistic piece :smiley:

Thanks everyone, the style is really what the whole image is about. Glad it works out so well!

@omegapirate2000: Uhm, may I ask you what you exactly mean?

@vliegtuig: That line comes from the reflection of the ground plane…I did not remove it during post-pro but probably I should have.

Interesting change in style from you Myke. I like it. Sort of more surreal than real. Very cool.


very cool :smiley:

@BgDM: I believe that one should think outside the box sometimes and try other styles or Art, too. But obviously it will be an exception which was fun to make and looks good (in my personal opinion), too. So, yeah, sometimes one needs to take a break and discover new paths :wink: