Katka (Female head, C&C please!)

I’ve never really finished a head model properly, but I’ve always imagined I know how to do it. Silly right?

So this project is a sort of test, to prove to myself that I’m not entirely useless in the organic modelling department.

The model so far (about 5 hours work):

The reference:

Aaaaand more reference :slight_smile:

(High res, 9MB)

The goal is to model, texture, shade and rig a realistic head. I’ve only ever done the modelling stage, but I’ve never been happy with it, and it’s never been even close to the level of detail that I’m aiming for here. So I’d really appreciate lots of feedback and harsh criticism. Do me a favor and tear it apart :slight_smile:

Great work man, it looks really accurate. I’ve been looking at it for a while and can only find two issues:

  • Nose looks a little wide, specially at the tip
  • Philtrum could be carved in a little more

Maybe you can post more pics of the model?
Also, the reference is gorgeous :slight_smile:

The skin is the wrong color and you forgot the hair. You’re getting rusty ZAAL.

Dammit, knew I’d forgotten something :confused:

Yeah you’re right, the nose definitely needs some work. And the philtrum could curve a little more, though hers is very subtle.

Instead of some more pictures, a little (half) turntable should help: http://gregzaal.com/ss/katarina_wip_03.webm

It’s funny you think she’s gorgeous - I agree, but almost everyone else who’s seen it thinks the exact opposite XD

First thing that stood out to me are the lips. I don’t think they’re defined quite enough. The lower one needs more of a crease and I think the upper one isn’t big enough. The bottom of it should be a bit lower. Also, the corners of the mouth seem a bit odd…

There’s also the nose and the philtrum as others have noted.

Otherwise, nice work!

Looking at the turntable:

  • Jaw is a little too square
  • Cheekbones should be softer, a little more subtle
  • The line coming down from her upper lip is concave and it should be more convex (if that makes any sense)
  • The chin could be a little more round and protruded

That said, maybe some of these things, like the cheekbones will look different once you add materials (specially with the SSS).

Really? People are weird :stuck_out_tongue:

Did some tweaks here and there, but I think it’s time to move on.

Had a little too much fun with skin details in mudbox - will have a proper look at reference and redo most of it, so ignore the terribly placed pores everywhere :slight_smile:

(Hard to see any details on these resized images, so open them in a new tab)

Being the first time I’ve ever sculpted skin details, I thought it a good idea to see what it looks like with SSS. Just slapped on Matt’s awesome SoG shader:

Wow… That SSS shader really does the trick! Even adding the pores makes it look more awesome.

Because of the angle its hard to judge model. I’m thinking of a slightly narrower nose. The buldge of the nose on the girl seems to be slanted upwards instead of straight. The chin seems to be slightly longer than the girl’s… I believe that is about it for me. Its just fine tweaking here on out with the shape :smiley:

Ok, here’s a more serious attempt at the skin details - C&C would be appreciated :slight_smile:
(Again, open in new tab to see them properly)