kay_Eva's GUI Proposal xD

This is what we should add, a context menu to the viewport!!

In other words, whenever u select an object, curve, etc, this object will have tiny icons that show up around them .These tiny icons will represent data that is attached to the object, such as IPO data, materials, UV, and modifiers, and they only appear when u press a hotkey toggle for them or select the toggle in some other fashion. Simply click on one of the tiny icons around your object and it will toggle on and off whether that object’s data will be sent to the context menu whenever that object is selected.

In other words, let’s say you are doing a lot of IPO editing, you can simply select all of your objects that you are editing and toggle their IPO context on. The effect being that your little context menu will display that object’s IPO whenever it is selected.

At the same time let’s say you want to edit IPO’s AND materials. Whenever you select that object only the IPO and Material data will be present inside of the context menu.

This would be helpful for those who like a clean interface, in other words those who like to use fullscreen mode.

And like i show in the illustration all you’d have to do is press something like an N key to expand and collapse the context menu.

don’t you just love my proposal :smiley:


Veto, cause it goes against the speed of the interface workflow

Interesting, but I can’t say it’s very different from what exists already. Besides, there are some very clear goals for 2.5, and I think the interface problems will really be solved there.

no it doesn’t, it increases speed because the context window automatically becomes whatever panel is relavent for whatever object is active. No need to switch panels around as much or even exit full screen mode in order to animate or change materials, I think that increases speed by a lot

I also suspect u didn’t really hear what I was saying properly - I should probably make more diagrams it’s really a simple thing.

It’s a panel, that reads your mind (with a little help) and morphs into what ever is most useful on it’s own. It determines what panel it should be by looking at your active object. That’s all.

Just ad the power to make a floating menu and rip any button into it. BAM! Instant control. But this is already a sort of thought for the specs of 2.5

No need for for diagrams.

that misses the point entirely it’s an automated panel there is no ripping involved with it

stay tuned for diagrams (probably in a couple of days)

I don’t like automation. I don’t like Blender or any programs doing what it wants to. I just want full control of the UI> Then I can make the most cleanest fastest GUI Possible in Blender. Ready and able for any workflow.

that’s a nice sentiment thanks for the rhetoric

No one asked me but what I think would be amazing is to have both of the above mentioned items rolled into one thing, so you could rip buttons into a window and make that window context sensitive as well, so basically you would add an option to turn any window in to context sensitive responses. Which if I’m interrupting this right, I’m just saying that you should be able to make scripts for the GUI that respond to core events (mouse clicks, specific object selections, etc.). If you could do that, you could theoretically make blenders interface truly stand up to the name of blender, capable of blending together work flows of every other app. and even making completely new ones on the fly to suit your needs. but I’m hoping really, really, hard that this is what the 2.5 rewrite means…